*** Revised age groups***

Tball- Rookies 4-8 year olds

UpdatedSunday November 21, 2021 byRyan Greenwood.

The Blair Little League is excited to announce our revised divisions and Age groups starting in 2022. In years past we have had two divisions that were very similare, this being our coach pitch and Rookies divisions. We as a league wanted to do everythign we can to try and teach the game of baseball to as many kids as we can while making it as fun as possible. In many cases we found, after talking to parents and coaches that the Rookies division needed to be revamped to try and make it more like real baseaball so that the kids will be better prepaired for the Minors age group. The 2022 age groups will be as follows:

T-ball/Coach Pitch (4-5 year olds) - This Age group will allow players of differing abillities to play and learn togther, All players are allowed to hit from a T, However as the season advances and as they grow as players many of these kids will advance towards being able to hit a ball pitched from a coach. This can and will be on a kid to kid basis with an empasis on success and fun!

Modified Kid pitch (6-7 year olds) - Advancing on priciples leared in T-Ball while focusing on making plays on the ball and at bases as well as learning to hit pitches from a fellow ball player, but allowing the opportunity for a coach to pitch when necessary to make sure the batters have an opportunity to hit. This will be a major growth year for these kids and prepair them for kid ptich baseball at 8. 

Rookies (8 year olds) - This will be a "Kid Pitch" league with rules in place to keep the speed of play as high as possible while introducing the kids to being the ones pitching and hitting the ball with no Coach intervention. This league will be in a cooperative effort with Ft. Calhoun. Approx 1/2 of the games will be played in Blair and the other 1/2 in Ft. Calhoun, we will have an end of the year tournament with all teams involved! This is being done to maximize the number of teams both towns can have in the same division and allow this level of play to be available. It is our Belief that this will be one of the biggest growth years of our players and should have them much more  prepaired for the jump to Minors at age 9. For 2022 we will not have any exceptions to the age group rule and will limit this to only those kids that will be 8 for the season according to litlte league rules. 

Minors (9-10 year olds) - Same age groups and rules will apply as previous years

Majors (11-12 year olds)- same age groupls and rules will apply as previous years

Pony (13-14) Will travel to omaha area for games if we have enough sign up rules will follow. 


We look forward to the 2022 season and registration to open soon! Please feel free to email with any questions. Thank you 



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