History of the Blair Little League

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Little League in Blair gets its start!

The idea for youth baseball that would eventually become what is known today as the Blair Little League was started in 1965 and led by Bill Hardy. That year Blair would start with 11-12 year old local teams, in 1966 they had doubled in size. 

In 1967, the Washington County Little League was formed. This league included 2 teams from Blair, 2 from Herman, 2 from Ft. Calhoun, 1 from Kennard, and 1 from Orum. The Washington County Little League operated until the start of what is currently known as the Blair Little League. 

In 1974, the Blair Little League you know today was officially chartered. The 1st Board of Directors of the Blair Little League included: President; Bill Hardy, VP Evert Ball, VP Rob Williams, VP Bob Madsen, Secretary Tim Brown, Daryl Jensen, Dale Lemon, Ken Cameron, and Gordy Pounds.

Originally, the Washington County Little League found a home on the High School Fields A-D in 1971. The Blair Little League continued using these facilities as their main base for several years. It wasn't until 1980, when the idea of a youth sports complex was brought to the city. 

In 1981, the Blair All Star Team advanced to Baxter Springs, Kansas, at this tournament is where the concept for what is now Wederquist Field, was visualized. Wederquist Field is named after Lynn Wederquist, Lynn was one of the first Presidents of the Blair Little League and well-known as a tremenous coach and mentor in the Little League organization. Lynn had passed away in a plane crash in 1980, while on a business trip. Wederquist Field was the first field established in 1982. Wederquist Field has been host to many Little League District and State Tournaments events.

Eagle Field, named after the Eagle's Organization followed in construction in 1983. Finally, between 1984-1985, Hardy Field was completed, named after Bill Hardy. Bill Hardy was chosen as the namesake for the field because of his countless hours and dedication to youth baseball in Blair. Bill was the leading driver behind the development of creating the Blair Little League and establishing a positive experience through the game of baseball for Blair's youth. 

The Blair Youth Sports Complex was established in 1984 officially. The first board of the Blair Youth Sports Complex would take on their roles in 1989, with Fred Aman, Bill Hardy, and Dan Flynn leading the way.